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Bike Kingdom

Client: Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide, Switzerland, Europes biggest Mountain Bike Destination.

With its epic landscapes, modern infrastructure and a lot of commitment, Lenzerheide became one of the leading mountain biking destinations in Europe even hosting World Cups and World Championships.

Winner: Innovation
Milestone Award 2020

"The innovative app adds a digital dimension to the kingdom, which far exceeds mere route planning. The multitude of gamification elements create a new, playful experience while generating a vast amount of data.
The needs of the bikers can be analyzed as never before and new tour suggestions or offers can be played out in a targeted and personalized manner."

The Vision. Adding a virtual dimension to the mountain biking experience.

Crafting the first destination app ever dedicated to one sport only.

A new mobile experience that creates a symbiosis between the digital and the real world and redefine today's mountain biking experience.

In addition to personalized in-the-now recommendations for an intuitive and seamless experience, the app uses gamification elements to awaken the biker's competitive spirit.

The Approach

Performance Tracking & Gamification

Multiple gamification mechanisms based on real activity tracking awaken the biker’s competitive spirit and reward them for riding the trails of the Bike Kingdom.

Personalized Messaging

Campaigns are built using marketing automation tools like Braze, in which the flow of communication to app users (which message, to whom, when, how, followed by which additional message, etc.) is built and launched.

A Digital Eco-System

The relevant stakeholders are seamlessly integrated into the new digital experience. Local businesses can launch marketing campaigns or even co-design quests, creating a new kind of ecosystem, where users are rewarded with benefits and exclusive offers.

The Bike Kingdom App is adding a digital layer to our guest’s experience which was never seen before. It creates a unique symbiosis between the real and the digital world and enables us to craft meaningful customer relationships."

-Marc Schlüssel,
Head of Marketing and Vice-President Lenzerheide Management and Support AG.

The Results

Success is reflected in the numbers. In the very first season the app was downloaded more than 40’000 times and used more than 400’000 times and has 4+ ratings with incredible conversion rates. But the best rating are the smiling faces all over bike kingdom.

See below for more trend data:

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